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Nicholas Wolterstorff

Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, Yale University, and senior reserach fellow, Institute for Advanced studies in Cluture, University of Virginia

The most impressive thing about Faith Seeking Understanding is the enormous wealth of material contained within such a relatively narrow space. David Marshall has gathered a really distinguished array of contributors, who have all thought deeply about faith in its global context, and the different essays work wonderfully well together. The book makes a splendid memorial to two truly great individuals, Paul Brand and Ralph Winter.

Phillip Jenkins

Emeritus Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Humanities, Pennsyvania State Univeristy, and Distinguished Professor of History, Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University,

Introduction: Climbing by Faith

I. Tutors

II. Christ in Culture

III. Christ in History

IV. Christ in Philosophy and Science

Bibliography Index

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A Bible Study of God's Motivations for Missions (Revised Edition)

by: Patrick O. Cate (Author)

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This newly revised classic workbook features updated resources to help readers better understand the needs and growth of missions today. It also includes revised questions and suggestions for further reading for deeper reflection and understanding.

is an invaluable resource for those seeking to investigate God’s passion for His world. This study guide is designed to bring us into the Word personally, help us discover inductively what God is saying, and gain a better sense of His direction for our lives. can function as a personal Bible study, or as part of an introduction to missions or a biblical theology of missions course for a small group, Sunday school, college or seminary class.

Two kinds of people live in our world: ones who say, “Here I am,” and those who say, “There you are.” Pat Cate is definitely a there-you-are person whose driving ambition is to dispatch good news about God’s love to those who have no hope. Many believers agree that linking biblical truth with listening ears is the basic mandate of the Christian faith, but few understand its critical significance. Through God’s Eyes is a front seat on a spectacular literary safari hosted by a missionary statesman who will change forever how you see our world.

Howard Hendricks

founder, Center for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary

Surprising: A busy, veteran mission executive, both an advanced scholar and an activist, has taken the time to produce a first rate workbook/introduction to the cause of missions. Its keen content is beautifully and graphically laid out. There is nothing else like it.

(2) For biobased products, agencies may not require, as a condition of purchase of such products, the vendor or manufacturer to provide more data than would typically be provided by other business entities offering products for sale to the agency, or other than data confirming the biobased content of a product (see 7 CFR 3201.8).

(a) The following applies when agencies acquire paper in the United States (as defined in 23.001 ):

(1) Section 2(d)(ii) of Executive Order 13423, Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management, establishes a 30 percent postconsumer fiber content standards for agency paper use. Section 2(d)(ii) requires that an agency's paper products must meet or exceed the minimum content standard.

(2) Section 2(e)(iv) of Executive Order 13514 requires acquisition of uncoated printing and writing paper containing at least 30 percent postconsumer fiber.

(b) Exceptions. If paper under paragraphs (a)(1) or (a)(2) of this section containing at least 30 percent postconsumer fiber is not reasonably available, does not meet reasonable performance requirements, or is only available at an unreasonable price, then the agency must purchase--

(1) Printing and writing paper containing no less than 20 percent postconsumer fiber; or

(2) Paper, other than printing and writing paper, with the maximum practicable percentage of postconsumer fiber that is reasonably available at a reasonable price and that meets reasonable performance requirements.

Insert the clause at 52.211-5 , Material Requirements, in solicitations and contracts for supplies that are not commercial items.

(a) The time of delivery or performance is an essential contract element and shall be clearly stated in solicitations. Contracting officers shall ensure that delivery or performance schedules are realistic and meet the requirements of the acquisition. Schedules that are unnecessarily short or difficult to attain --

(1) Tend to restrict competition,

(2) Are inconsistent with small business policies, and

(3) May result in higher contract prices.

(b) Solicitations shall, except when clearly unnecessary, inform bidders or offerors of the basis on which their bids or proposals will be evaluated with respect to time of delivery or performance.

(c) If timely delivery or performance is unusually important to the Government, liquidated damages clauses may be used (see Subpart 11.5 ).

(a) Supplies or services. When establishing a contract delivery or performance schedule, consideration shall be given to applicable factors such as the --

(1) Urgency of need;

(2) Industry practices;

(3) Market conditions;

(4) Transportation time;

(5) Production time;

(6) Capabilities of small business concerns;

Leiton Chinn

senior associate, Lausanne International Student Ministry

A great guide to stewarding the impossible situations of life. “My word shall not return void” is the constant theme in Wealth, Women, and God. Even in places where it would seem impossible to thrive and minister, God has his children. When they allow his light to shine through them, there is hope.

Dwight Gibson

chief explorer, The Exploration Group

The women in this book challenge and encourage readers to look up and see who God is, look around and see what he is doing, and look inside to reflect and then take action on what he wants each of us to do for his kingdom.

Cheri Pierson, PhD

associate professor of intercultural studies Wheaton College Graduate School

Approaching charged topics with the grace and curiosity of wellinformed guests, the authors examine broad geopolitical and economic structures, then zoom in on the intimate realities of individual women’s stories. Their friendly, down-to-earth tone guides us on a tour of God’s work among immigrant women in the Middle East.

Hannah Rasmussen

editorial assistant,

“Come, see a man who told me everything I did. Can this be the Christ?” An unnamed woman in the first century asked that question. Miriam Adeney and Sadiri Joy Tira show, through a series of deceptively simple stories, how women in the Middle East today are meeting Christ, then introducing others to him, just like that first-century seeker did. To marginalized women Christ still offers living water, especially guest workers from the Philippines, Africa, and India. This is happening in an improbable place: the wealthy, orthodox Muslim Arabian Peninsula. Told with characteristic grace and understated insight, these accounts exude the warmth of testimonies shared around a fire on the last night of camp.

David Marshall, PhD

Introduction: Leaving Home Chapter One: The Maid Chapter Two: The Wealth Chapter Three: The Friends Chapter Four: The Mentor Chapter Five: The Witness Chapter Six: The Giver Chapter Seven: The Pastor Chapter Eight: The Family Chapter Nine: The Faiths Chapter Ten: The Jail Chapter Eleven: The Woman Chapter Twelve: The Journey References

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Ralph D. Winter’s Writings, with Responses

by: Greg H. Parsons (Editor)

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Lausanne ’74 chronicles Ralph D. Winter’s impact on North American mission efforts. Some would expand that globally. Many see his presentation at the Lausanne Congress as the starting point—or tipping point—of that impact. Certainly, the Lausanne stage helped catapult the idea of the “unreached” into mission planning and board rooms around the world. This book puts together Winter’s thinking leading up to and including that July day in Lausanne Switzerland and seeks to show how Winter’s own presentation impacted his work and future. It also attempts to demonstrate how the ideas were and are understood, and how they impacted our strategy for Kingdom service today. This book is a foundational reference for understanding strategic mission considerations, now and in the future.

Figures Abbreviations Introduction

Chapter 1 The Decade Past and the Decade to Come: Seeing the Task Graphically by Ralph D. Winter How Are We Doing? Who Is To Be Won? How “Far Away” Are They? What Must We Do? How Can We Do It?

Chapter 2 The Highest Priority: Cross-Cultural Evangelism by Ralph D. Winter Cross-Cultural Evangelism: The Crucial Need Cross-Cultural Evangelism: The Biblical Mandate Cross-Cultural Evangelism: The Immensity of the Task Chapter 3 Let the Earth Hear His Voice: July 1974 by Roberta H. Winter Chapter 4 Responses to Ralph Winter’s Pre-Congress Paper Response to Dr. Ralph D. Winter’s Paper by Philip Hogan Response to Dr. Ralph D. Winter’s Paper by Jacob Loewen Response to Dr. Ralph D. Winter and Dr. Jacob Loewen by David J. Cho Response to Dr. Ralph D. Winter’s Paper by Pablo M. Perez Chapter 5 The Highest Priority: Cross-Cultural Evangelism by Ralph D. Winter Questions about the Statistical Scope of the Task Questions about the Theological Nature of the Task

Chapter 6 Lausanne 1974 Congress and Cross-Cultural Evangelism by Greg H. Parsons Background in Winter’s Writing Key 73 The Broader Evangelical Scene in the 1960s Winter’s Focus in 1973 Seeing the Task Graphically Pre-Lausanne Congress Preparations Major Presentations During the Lausanne Congress Winter’s Pre-Congress Paper “The Highest Priority: Cross-Cultural Evangelism” General Questions/Responses from Delegates prior to the Congress Responses to Winter’s Pre-Congress Paper Winter’s Paper as Delivered at the Congress Response to the Responders Questions about the Statistical Scope of the Task Questions about the Theological Nature of the Task Reactions to Winter’s Congress Presentation Some Reactions and Outcomes from Lausanne ’74 Summary and Analysis Assessment and Contribution Next Step: A Mission Sodality for Frontier Mission—1976

Chapter 7 Look at What God’s Done! An Unbelievable 15 Years by Ralph D. Winter A Playful Update of Article 9 of the Lausanne Covenant The 1974 Version of Article 9 The Proposed 1989 Version

Chapter 8 The Current Debate by Greg H. Parsons Appendix A HUP Consultation, Pasadena, California 1977 Appendix B E-Scale Appendix C Christianity Today and Key 73 Appendix D Lausanne 1974 Select Plenary Summaries Appendix E McGavran’s Focus at Lausanne Bibliography

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Disciples of Jesus within Diverse Religious Communities

by: Harley Talman (Editor) , John Jay Travis (Editor)

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For the first time in history, large numbers of people from the world’s major non-Christian religions are following Jesus as Lord. Surprisingly for many Western Christians, they are choosing to do so within the religious communities of their birth and outside of institutional Christianity. How does this work, and how should we respond to these movements?

This long-awaited anthology brings together some of the best writings on the topic of insider movements. Diverse voices explore this phenomenon from the perspectives of Scripture, history, theology, missiology, and the experience and identity of insider believers. Those who are unfamiliar with the subject will find this book a crucial guide to a complex conversation. Students and instructors of mission will find it useful as a reader and reference volume. Field workers and agencies will discover in these chapters welcome starting points for dialogue and clearer communication.

The first book to provide a comprehensive survey of the topic of insider movements, Understanding Insider Movements is an indispensable companion for those who want to glimpse the creative, unexpected, boundary-crossing ways God is at work among the peoples of the world in their diverse religious communities.

Following Jesus is not a matter of one culture or nomenclature. This enlightening book presents a range of approaches and perspectives concerning indigenous Jesus movements around the world. Ultimately this crucial work encourages us to critically embrace what God is doing beyond our historic boundaries, just as God helped his people to do in Acts.

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